Customer-Led Sessions

Some of the most insightful moments at the Reach Conference occur when our customers take the stage and share their best practices and lessons learned. Below are sessions you won’t want to miss.

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Alliant Energy: A Customer Success StoryHear how Alliant Energy plans to add the Sensus FlexNet communication system to the company’s power grid and natural gas system in Iowa. Foundational to building a smarter power grid in Iowa, the technology will improve customer service, provide better data and position Alliant for future customer options.
City of Dallas, GA: A Customer Success StoryLearn how the City of Dallas turned information gathered from their water audit into a successful water loss control program. The presentation will cover their transition to Sensus iPERL meters and the FlexNet network including challenges overcome and results realized.
City of Fairmont Water: A Customer Success StoryHear how the City of Fairmont Water became a smarter utility using Sensus. Drawing upon time savings realized from their implementation, the city redeployed personnel into an extensive meter testing program and initiated a leak detection system and valve exercising program. Best of all, data shared with customers via the new customer portal enabled them to raise customer service to a new level.
City of Medicine Hat Electric Distribution Utility: A Customer Success StoryLearn about the remote limiting functionality recently adopted by the City of Medicine Hat Electric Distribution Utility. Focus will be on benefits realized, lessons learned and the go-forward strategy.
City of Troy, AL: A Customer Success StoryLearn how the City of Troy, AL relied on the FlexNet network, FieldLogic and Sensus Analytics for its successful electric and water meter replacement program. Lessons learned will be shared, and your questions answered so you can take best practices back to your community.
Dickson Electric System: A Customer Success StoryLearn how Dickson Electric System overhauled their infrastructure with a fixed-base AMI solution, including meter replacements and the implementation of the FlexNet network. Best practices and lessons learned will be shared so you can learn how to successfully deploy your own AMI solution.
Easton Suburban Water Authority (ESWA): A Customer Success StoryLearn how ESWA took a stepped approach to converting from AMR to AMI, using Software as a Service, FieldLogic software, the RNI and Device Manager. Lessons learned and suggestions for making a smooth transition will be shared.
Loudoun Water: A Customer Success StoryHear how Loudoun Water uses data gathered from its Sensus AMI solution, comprised of iPERL and OMNI meters and the FlexNet network, to proactively notify customers of leaks and high usage to promote conservation and lower bills.
Mount Pleasant Waterworks (MPW): A Customer Success StoryFollow MPW on their journey to successful meter reads and enhanced customer service with the Sensus AMI solution. Comprised of the FlexNet network, NaaS and SaaS, the solution allows MPW to focus on their core business of providing water to customers.
PECO: A Customer Success StoryLearn how PECO and Sensus combined their efforts to improve billing reads through an enhanced process to improve reachability –the ability to achieve continuous two-way communication between Sensus SmartPoints and Base Stations. Focus will be on the interplay between managed services (NaaS, SaaS and DRaaS) and the strong business partnership between Sensus and PECO.
Vitens: A Customer Success StoryVitens, the Netherlands largest drinking water company, paired gamification and corporate social responsibility to create Water Battle. Come hear how this new game for smart devices is helping create behavioral change and reduce peak water usage for households in the service area.
Weber Basin Water Conservancy District: A Customer Success StoryHear about Weber Basin’s experience installing Sensus iPERL meters for the region’s secondary water system. Beginning in 2006, the program has expanded to include the Sensus AMI solution and now provides near real-time usage information for customers.
West Des Moines Water Works: A Customer Success StoryHear the successes and lessons learned from West Des Moines Water Works’ multi-year AMI implementation. Relying on Sensus AMI Solution and Sensus Logic MDM Application Suite, they’re proactively identifying leaks and alerting customers as well as limiting the use of estimated reads for billing.

Partner Sessions

Our partners are among the best in the world with expertise that is second to none. Attend one of the sessions below to learn about the innovative things they’re doing with Sensus and our customers.

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AMI Business Case DesignUnderstand key metrics, technology and implementation strategies for a successful business case to convert from AMR to AMI.
Successful Strategies for Smart Grid Education and OutreachLearn best practices and pitfalls of communication programs as part of a successful smart grid implementation.
Hot Socket Issues: Causes and Best PracticesA review of best practices for handling potential hot sockets, including results from TESCO’s lab investigation into the sources of hot sockets.
Using Mobile Technology to Manage Your AMI DeploymentLearn how Jackson EMC prepared for their Sensus meter deployment including the mobile technology selection process, lessons they learned along the way and the results they achieved. They will discuss how mobile technology contributed to the success of their deployment.
Accelerate Innovation with a City-wide Platform for Smart City SolutionsIntroduction to IoT platform technology and the role it plays in Smart City solutions.
Monitoring Meter Sockets for Overvoltage and Transient Surges Using FlexNetLearn how EBE uses FlexNet and a meter socket adapter to help utilities convey TMOV health status to utility Distribution Automation via their existing AMI network, eliminating the need for routine physical inspections.
Project Management for AMI and Metering ProjectsLearn fundamental project management techniques and skills to manage a project's scope, budget, quality and schedule, including best practices from the Project Management Institute.
Design and Plan to Avoid Lost ROI for Technology DeploymentsLearn how to guarantee a successful deployment of your AMI, MDM, CIS, ESB and WFMS technologies and avoid lost value.
Maximize the Value of Water AMIGain insight into the real value of AMI to utility operators and customers through a review of case studies and creative uses of AMI technologies followed by a group discussion on the current technology environment.
Drivers for Metering Technology ChangeA review of the drivers for metering technology change and key considerations for successful planning and implementation of AMI technology.
Non-Revenue Water: Data, Validation, Planning and ActionMethods and tools for tracking non-revenue water. Data validation and how to take action and create plans based on the data.

Xylem Sessions

The acquisition of Sensus by Xylem opens a world of opportunities to better address water quality and quantity as well as integrating the systems and software needed to tackle these pressing issues. Attend these sessions to learn more about Xylem offerings and how they can benefit you.

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Mitigating the Effects of Inefficient Wastewater OperationsPragmatic solutions to mitigate harmful emissions generated by inefficient wastewater operations.
Wastewater Pumping OverviewOverview of the challenges in wastewater pumping and Xylem’s innovative Concertor solution.
Water Reuse OpportunitiesWater reuse overview and Xylem’s position on how to increase reuse as a source for water supply.
Smart Outdoor WaterReview of Xylem’s vision for outdoor water and the solutions that create value for customers.
Design-Build: An Alternative Delivery ModelOverview of the applications and circumstances that support design-build as an alternative to the traditional design-bid-build delivery model.
Storm Water ManagementOverview of Xylem’s storm water solutions designed to meet the challenges of the growing number of flooding events and sewer system overflow.
Nutrient Removal SolutionsReview of Xylem’s solutions for nutrient removal.
Pump Management Solutions Using IoT TechnologiesUsing IoT to connect pumps deployed in remote locations.

Xylem Analytics Sessions

The Xylem Analytics brands provide a wide range of advanced instrumentation for the water & wastewater, ocean/coastal and environmental markets. Learn more about how the Xylem Analytics family of analytical instrumentation can benefit you.

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Five New Challenges Facing Wastewater Managers A look at the latest issues facing wastewater professionals, including new and more stringent regulations, degraded infrastructure and a graying workforce.
Achieving Sustainability in Wastewater Operations Wastewater management consumes nearly 1 percent of the electricity generated in the US today. Using creative approaches for enhanced energy generation and conservation, these facilities could become net zero electricity consumers.
Mapping Underground Utility Infrastructure with Ground Penetrating Radar and HYPACKA considerable percentage of the infrastructure that supports utility services is buried underground with their positions unknown. This presentation covers HYPACK’s plan to integrate buried infrastructure (located using GPR) with surface mapping features for a comprehensive view of underground assets.
Monitoring Harmful Algal Blooms in Source Waters Harmful algal blooms (HABs) that pose risks for source water managers and consumers can be mitigated through continuous monitoring with Xylem’s EXO sondes.
Monitoring Water Quality for Your CommunityThe most common field water quality parameters and why they matter to communities. A review of available technologies and real-world applications.
Advanced Acoustic Instruments for Open Channel Precision Flow MonitoringFlow measurement is notoriously difficult to accomplish in open channels and large or partially-full pipes. Certain scenarios such as operational safety and efficiency at peak flows, weather events and legal and financial reasons demand accurate data from precision monitoring devices.
Data-Driven Operation of Ports and HarborsWhether for commercial or recreational reasons, data in ports and harbors is in high demand. Basic hydrologic and meteorological data can go a long way to improving operations and safety near these waterways.
Early Detection of Bridge ScourMapping and real-time visualization of scour using HYPACK software. This early detection of potential faults for infrastructure will allow for remediation before a failure.

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